G-COR Automotive

Hard parts: 877.888.5160 / 614.444.5160

Hard parts: 877.888.5160 / 614.444.5160


A Full Line Core Supplier & Transmission Hard Parts Specialist

G-COR Automotive Corporation is privately owned and located in Columbus, Ohio.  Today G-COR is one of the largest transmission hard parts supply companies in the U.S.  G-COR operations include a ferrous and non-ferrous scrap program with an aluminum melting program which can produce up to 60,000 lbs of poured 380 grade aluminum per day.

Shop for transmission parts (and purchase parts online) using Shop the G-COR Hard Parts Store  or using the Search Inventory feature.

G-COR has grown to become one of the premier used transmission hard parts suppliers in the world.  We offer the highest quality used hard part to shops, wholesalers, and the export markets.  Production rebuilders receive the highest grade of volume service available.  It is our goal at G-COR to supply your needs no matter how unique.  All we need is for you to JUST ASK!

For rebuilder shops, wholesalers, and the export markets we have in excess of 10,000 inventoried transmissions and more than 40,000 finished and packaged hard parts ready to be shipped.

Our machine shop has been expanded to beyond 15,000 square feet.  An engineering department adjacent to it provides the support for part refurbishing.  These facilities allows us to provide you with the highest quality used parts at affordable prices.

G-COR has the capability to dismantle 800 transmissions per day in a structured environment so that parts may be acquired immediately according to customer demand.  From pan bolts to bell housings, from pumps to tail housings, we can provide the hard parts you need, when you need it.  JUST ASK!

We also provide a private label program for wholesale customers.

G-COR’s Catalytic Converter Division offers a variety of programs to help you maximize your profits.  First, we keep our suppliers informed of market changes to help minimize risk.

G-COR also maintains a strong record of compliance with regard to the purchase of catalytic converters.

G-COR’s Engines and Engine Accessories Division processes several hundred engines each day. The Engine Division has created a program to reclaim accessory parts for the rebuilding industry, for shops, or “do-it-yourselfers.”  If there is an accessory or part you are looking for then shop our Ebay store, this website, or click on the Just Ask! button and submit your request.  One of our reps will contact you.

G-COR stocks many thousands of parts for your repair needs. We also process and ship volume components to our larger clients.

G-COR is also a growing presence in the local market.  Please view our Container & Roll-Off Placement Services program if you would like G-COR to be your one-stop solution for managing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

G-COR has a scrap yard to enhance the millions of pounds of material produced as a by-product of our operation.