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Automotive Core Division

Automotive Core Division

G-COR’s Automotive Core Division is dedicated to recycling used automotive parts (cores). We process these cores as required by the automotive rebuilding industry. All of our cores are sorted according to OEM numbers as dictated by rebuilder requirements.

G-COR does not buy whole cars — we buy and sell only the specific parts noted below.

These links will put you in contact with the right specialist for buying or selling:

Alum Wheels – Austin Greenblott
Alternators –Adam Greenblott
Automatic Transmissions – Matt Bice
Torque Convertors – Matt Bice
Transfer Case – Matt Bice
Air Conditioning – Adam Greenblott
Brake Calipers – Adam Greenblott
Catalytic Converter – Austin Greenblott
Engines – Chris Cordel
Gear Boxes – Adam Greenblott
Power Steering – Adam Greenblott
Rack & Pinion – Adam Greenblott
Standard Transmissions – Matt Bice
Starters – Adam Greenblott
Truck Compressors – Adam Greenblott
Wiper Motors – Adam Greenblott
Window Lift – Adam Greenblott