Automotive Core Division

G-COR does not buy whole cars — we buy and sell only the specific parts noted below.


These links will put you in contact with the right specialist for buying or selling:

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Air Conditioning – Adam Greenblott
Alternators Adam Greenblott
Alum Wheels – Austin Greenblott
Automatic Transmissions – Matt Bice
Brake Calipers – Adam Greenblott
Catalytic Converter – Austin Greenblott
Engines – Chris Cordel
Power Steering – Adam Greenblott
Gear Boxes – Adam Greenblott
Rack & Pinion – Adam Greenblott
Standard Transmissions – Matt Bice
Starters – Adam Greenblott
Torque Converters – Matt Bice
Transfer Case – Matt Bice
Truck Compressors – Adam Greenblott
Turbos – Adam Greenblott
Truck Injectors, HPOP – Adam Greenblott
Wiper Motors – Adam Greenblott
Window Lift – Adam Greenblott