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(614) 444-5160


Hard parts: 877.888.5160 / 614.444.5160

Hard parts: 877.888.5160 / 614.444.5160

About G-COR Automotive

G-COR Automotive Corporation is privately owned and located in Columbus, Ohio.  Today G-COR is one of the largest transmission hard parts supply companies in the U.S.  G-COR operations include a ferrous and non-ferrous scrap program with an aluminum melting program which can produce up to 60,000 lbs of poured 380 grade aluminum per day.

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Core Sorted Daily

Engines & Transmissions Stripped Daily

lbs of alum poured daily

G-COR Transmission Hard Parts Division

G-COR Transmission Hard Parts Division processes used transmission component parts for the aftermarket transmission industry. G-COR products are sent around the world supplying the following sectors; Rebuilding Industry, Wholesale (private labeling), Export (Rebuilding / Wholesale), direct to Transmission Repair Shops and E-commerce.

G-COR Core Division

G-COR Core Division processes cores for the rebuilding industry.  Products lines: alternators & starters, air conditioning, brake calipers, catalytic converters, gear boxes, power steering, rack & pinion, torque converters, truck compressors, turbo units, window lifts and wiper motors.

G-COR Scrap Yard Division

G-COR Scrap Yard Division buys and sells both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

G-COR Surplus Division

G-COR Surplus Division buys and sells excess inventory, packaging changes, discontinued product lines, changeover/buybacks and order cancellations.